Captain James Lowe
USCG 200 Ton Licensed Master
(727) 236-1385

Summary of Deliveries:

The list of boats provided here is not exhaustive, and it is not arranged in chronological order.
Including a complete and comprehensive list would result in an excessively long webpage. Instead, the intention of this list is to provide a general overview of the various types of boat captain services we do.

56 Ft Sea Ray
56 Sea Ray
Summary of Motor Vessel Relocation:
Starting Point: Clearwater, Florida
Destination: Chicago, Illinois
Route: This single delivery covered a substantial portion of "The Great Loop."
Our voyage commenced in the Gulf of Mexico and continued northward, guiding us through the intricate network of Inland Rivers, which included the Tombigbee Waterway, Tennessee River, Cumberland River, Ohio River, and Upper Mississippi River. Our journey culminated as we arrived on the Illinois River, just before reaching the city of Chicago.

Noteworthy Detail: Setting ourselves apart from the norm, our voyage took a UP RIVER route against the currents, defying the conventional counter-clockwise downstream path favored by most loopers.

50 ft Chris Craft
50 Chris Craft
Motor Vessel Relocation Summary:
Starting Point: St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota
Destination: Guntersville, Alabama
Route: Our journey took us through the Upper Mississippi River, Ohio River, Cumberland River, and Tennessee Rivers. During the trip down the river, we made a planned stop, slightly deviating from our route and heading up the Missouri River for a short distance to refuel.

Additional Notes: This delivery was an extended down river voyage undertaken in an antique wooden boat.
The experience on the Inland Rivers was pleasant and comfortable, although I would not have taken this vessel for offshore travel.

620 lagoon
Sailing Vessel Delivery:
Starting Point: Private Residence in Florida
Destination: Port of Palm Beach
This delivery represented a point-of-sale transition to a new owner and serves as an example of one of the larger catamarans we've handled, measuring an impressive 62 feet in length and boasting a beam of 32 feet.

55 Tayana
55 Tayana
Yacht Relocation Summary:
Type of Job: Yacht Delivery
Starting Point: Annapolis, Maryland
Destination: Port Canaveral, Florida
Route: This Sailing Vessel yacht delivery involved relocating this vessel from Annapolis, Maryland, to Port Canaveral, Florida, covering a significant portion of the East Coast. The voyage included sailing through the Chesapeake Bay and then into the offshore waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its height,(+65 feet) this particular vessel couldn't navigate through the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) under bridges

42 Silverton
silverton 42 ft
Yacht Delivery:
Starting Point: Seabrook Texas
Destination: Riviera Beach FL
The delivery of this sportfisherman from Galveston along the Gulf coast to Florida posed a fresh challenge, primarily because we had to navigate through Southern Louisiana following a devastating hurricane in the region. The scarcity of fuel and available docks was evident, as indicated by the extra drums on the rear deck of the vessel. This situation underscored the critical importance of meticulous planning and resource management when undertaking journeys in such challenging conditions.

Beneteau Oceanis 41
Yacht Relocation Summary:
Type of Job: Sailing Yacht Delivery
Departure: Jacksonville, Florida
Destination: Treasure Cay, Bahamas
Bahamas Crossing

Northern Bay 38
Northern Bay 38
Yacht Relocation
Type of Job: Yacht Delivery
Depart: Marsh Harbour Bahamas
Arrive: Beaufort S.C.
Single engine trawler
Bahamas Crossing

Princess 75
Yacht Relocation
Type of Job: Yacht Delivery
Depart: St Augustine FL
Arrive: New Bern North Carolina
Via ICW /Atlantic
This particular delivery was a dream come true, offering a comfortable, spacious ride that handled well, with the most remarkable aspect being the absence of any significant problems or challenges. After all, a smooth and trouble-free journey is exactly what everyone hopes for.

Grafton Steel Trawler 47
Motor Vessel Yacht Delivery Summary:
Type of Job: Motor Vessel Yacht Delivery
Departure: City Island, Bronx, New York
Arrival: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Route: Our journey took us via the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), Chesapeake Bay, and the C and D Canal before transitioning to the Atlantic Ocean along the East Coast. Along the way, we encountered mechanical issues, which led us to stay primarily on the inside routes for the duration of the trip.

Maxim 380 Catamaran
Maxim 380 Catamaran
Yacht Delevery over the water relocation
Depart: Apalachicola FL.
Arrival: St. Peterusbug FL.
Twin diesels/ Aux sail
GOM - Florida Big Bend Crossing

Bali 5.4
Bali 54
Yacht Delivery:
Starting Point: Fort Lauderdale FL
Destination: Savannah Ga
The delivery of this boat represented an instance of us moving another larger catamaran (28 ft. beam). Additionally, it involved a process of familiarization and Hands-On-Training for the new owner, ensuring they were well-prepared to operate and enjoy their new vessel.

Bayliner 37 Command Bridge
Bayliner 37 Command Bridge
Yacht Delevery over the water relocation
Depart: Stuart FL.
Arrive: Ft. Myers FL.
Twin Detroit Diesels
Distance: Approx. 154 miles
via Okeechobee Waterway

Bertram 36 Sportfish ft
Bertram 36
Yacht Delivery
Type of Job: New owner orientation training and delivery assistance
Power Yacht
Depart: Pompanno Beach FL
Arrive Carrabelle Fl
approx 400 nautical miles
Florida Big Bend Crossing

Hatteras 53 sportfish
hatteras 53
Yacht Relocation Summary:
Type of Job: Over the Water Yacht Delivery
Vessel Type: Power Yacht
Departure: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Destination: Jacksonville, Florida
Due to adverse weather conditions and the issue of one of the engines running poorly, we decided to take the inside route along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) for this yacht relocation from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, to Jacksonville, Florida. It's worth noting that the vessel had recently been purchased, and the owner was on board for Hands-On-Training on this delivery.

70 ft Farmont trawler
farmont 70
Type of Job: Over the water yacht delivery
Vessel Type: Long-Range Twin-Engine Trawler
Delivery Route: Covering the Distance through Georgia (GA), South Carolina (SC), and North Carolina (NC) along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). This boat presented a unique and unexpected challenge during the delivery. It was a recent purchase, and someone had removed essential ballast from the bilge before the sale. This alteration made the vessel unstable and challenging to control in strong currents, and diagnosing the issue proved to be a difficult task.

Cecil Norris Staysail Ketch 60 ft
Cecil Norris Staysail Ketch
Yacht Delivery Overwater Relocation Summary:
Departure: St. Petersburg, Florida
Destination: Ft. Myers, Florida
Vessel Type: Ketch Rigged with a 90 HP Diesel Engine
This particular yacht is noteworthy because it belongs to a repeat customer. We have had the privilege of serving as a "relief captain," assisting in the relocation of this boat multiple times with the owner on board. This arrangement offers a convenient option for their family to fly to the next destination, allowing them to avoid extended sea travel.

Designated Captain
Gasparilla Pirate Festival Designated Driver Summary:
Type of Job: Designated Driver
Location: Tampa, Florida
Vessel Type: Power Yacht
Distance: Not Applicable
In this unique role, we provided a designated driver service during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival in Tampa, Florida. The owners of this boat were capable captains, but they wanted to enjoy the festivities responsibly. Therefore, they hired a captain for hire to operate the vessel while they indulged in responsibly.

Sea Ray 500

50 Foot Sea Ray
Yacht Delivery Summary:
Type of Job: Yacht Delivery
Departure: Long Island, New York
Arrival: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Vessel: Twin 650 HP Detroit Diesels
Distance: Approximately 1400 miles
This particular delivery marked one of our early experiences and served as the catalyst for our policy change of only using our own experienced crew. The owner provided deckhand proved out to be inadequately trained and unproductive.
For safety this situation prompted us to change our policy to avoid owner-provided deckhands

36 Watkins
Watkins 36  Sail Boat
Sea Trial Summary:
Type of Job: Sea Trial
Purpose: Demonstrating the boat for a local yacht broker and a prospective buyer
Location: Apollo Beach, Florida
Vessel Type: Sloop Rig Sailboat with Diesel Engine
During this sea trial, we took the broker and prospective owner out on a short cruise to provide a demonstration of the boat.

President Trawler 41
president trawler
Yacht Delivery:
Starting Point: Burlington NJ
Destination: Fort Myers Florida
We originally picked up this boat on the Delaware River north of Philadelphia and relocated it to Fort Myers, Florida.

Notably, it's one of the boats we've had the privilege of relocating more than once. The second relocation took it from Fort Myers back across the Okeechobee Waterway , up to Jacksonville, and then up river on the St. Johns River to the Deltona, Florida area.

The St. Johns — one of the few rivers in the United States that flows north, so UP River is heading back south again.

Pacific Seacraft 34
34 foot Pacific Seacraft yacht relocation
Type of Job: Over water yacht relocation service.
Depart: St Johns Island SC.
Arrival: Annapolis Maryland.
Atlantic Ocean to ICW to Chesapeake Bay
aux sail / diesel
Distance: 600 miles
We have had the opportunity to move a lot of sailboats and enjoy sailing them when the wind conditions are favorable. Nevertheless, it's necessary to use the motor to stick to our schedule. Sailing Vessels

325 Carver
325 Carver yacht relocation
Overwater Yacht Relocation Service Summary:
Type of Job: Overwater Yacht Relocation Service
Delivery Location: Charlotte Harbor to Placida Harbor, Florida
Vessel Type: 32-foot Cabin Cruiser with Twin Gas Engines
This relocation presented one of those "CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE" situations. Although the distance over land was quite short, covering just a few miles, the journey required a lengthy trip down multiple canals at idle speed due to navigational constraints.

38 FT Lagoon

Type of Job: Over water yacht relocation service.
Delivery Location: Brunswick, GA. to Portsmouth, VA.
38 foot sailing catamaran, twin diesels / sloop rig sail
Distance: approx 700 miles

57 FT Lagoon
57 foot Lagoon yacht relocation
Type of Job: Over water yacht relocation service.
Delivery Location: Ft Lauderdale FL. to Tarpon Springs FL. Via FL Straights
This 57-foot sailing catamaran serves as another illustration of the large catamarans we handle. With its impressive length of 57 feet, it boasts an equally remarkable 30-foot beam. these wide sailboats, like this, require an additional lookout (crew member) on the opposite side of the active helm. This precaution is necessary because the broad beam of such vessels can obstruct visibility,

38 FT Calbo Rico
38 foot Calbo Rico yacht relocation
Type of Job: Over water yacht relocation service.
Delivery Location: Okeechobee waterway to St Johns River.
38 foot sailing yacht, 45 Westerbeke / cutter rig sail
Distance: 316 miles

75 FT Lakeside Houseboat
75 foot Lakeside Houseboat yacht delivery
Type of Job: Over water yacht relocation service.
Delivery Location: N. Suwannee River, FL. to Old Port Tampa FL.
The 75-foot houseboat, equipped with twin Volvo Penta inboard/outboard engines, was relocated from the Suwannee River to Tampa via the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). It's important to note that a houseboat is not typically designed for offshore conditions, so taking it offshore in the Gulf of Mexico required careful timing to ensure calm sea conditions during the journey.

F-41 Ferrier
F-41 Ferrier sailing yacht relocation
Type of Job: Over water yacht delivery service.
Delivery Location: St. Augustine FL. to Newport News VA.
Power: Sailing Cat W/Twin Nannie Diesels

38 ft. Edgewater CC
38 ft. Edgewater boat captain service
Captain Service Summary:
Type of Job: Captain Service
Location: St. Maarten, Dutch Netherland Antilles, Caribbean
Vessel Type: Powerboat with Triple 300 Yamaha Outboards and Helm Master System This "captain for hire" job involved stepping in as a temporary captain after the existing captain "quit-fired'. The role included taking VIPs to various beach tiki bars on the island.

26 ft. trophy
26 ft. Trophy inboard boat sea trial
Sea Trial Summary:
Type of Job: Sea Trial
Location: Tampa Area, Florida West Coast
Vessel Type: Powerboat with a Single Mercruiser Inboard/Outboard Engine
Distance: Not Applicable
Purpose: Demonstrating the boat for a local yacht broker and a prospective buyer. Please note that despite it being on a trailer in the photo, we do not transport boats over land. For this demonstration, I followed the seller to the boat dock, where they unloaded and loaded the boat onto the trailer. While the seller remained with the truck and trailer, I took the broker and prospective buyer out on the water. We ran out about 1/4 mile, got on plane, turned around, and returned. Indeed, it was a straightforward and brief yet unbiased demonstration of the boat's capabilities.

Due to the significant travel involved, especially considering the relatively short duration of both Sea Trials and single-day captain jobs, we restrict these operations to locations in central and south Florida.