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Navigating the Yacht Delivery Estimate/Contract Process

Start by filling out Contact Form

Thank you for your interest in our yacht delivery services.
To initiate the process, please complete and submit the contact form.
Once we receive your information, Captain James Lowe will carefully review it within 24 hours.
You will receive an automatic email with the same information for your reference.
Please review the email thoroughly, as it will be sent from a no-reply address.
If you notice any errors or have any questions, please contact us via phone call or text message.

Estimate Process:
Upon receiving your submitted contact form, we will proceed with the following steps:

Review of submitted contact Info:
Upon receiving the completed contact form, Captain James Lowe will conduct a thorough review of the provided information.
This includes a careful assessment of your yacht's details and the specific requirements for the delivery.
We consider important factors such as the vessel's outfitting, speed capabilities, the distance to be traveled, your desired timeline, and any specific instructions you may have. By taking all these elements into account, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of your needs and can develop a tailored plan for your yacht delivery. contract image

Navigational Course Planning:
Upon receiving this information, Captain James Lowe will carefully chart a navigational course for the delivery of your yacht. Through a thorough analysis of factors including safety, distances, water depth and bridge clearances, Captain Lowe will determine the most optimal nautical route from the departure point to your desired destination. This allows Captain James to accurately calculate the distance in nautical miles between the departure and arrival points.

Time Estimation:
Using the charted distance and the speed of your vessel you provided to us, we will determine the expected duration of the delivery in time in days. However, please understand that factors such as actual speed of vessel, weather conditions, sea state, and other unforeseen circumstances may influence the actual delivery time. While we can provide a definitive daily rate quote, we can only estimate the time needed for the delivery.

Estimate Preparation:
Once the navigational course has been charted, the distance measured, and the estimated time calculated, we will proceed to prepare a comprehensive estimate for your yacht delivery. This detailed estimate will cover all relevant expenses, including crew wages, provisions, and travel costs. It is important to note that our services are billed on a daily rate.

Email Communication:
The Proposed Contract, along with any additional details or clarifications, will be compiled into a email. Which will be sent to the address provided in the contact form for your review. Captain James Lowe is available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the estimate via email or over the phone.

Further Discussions and Confirmation:
After receiving the estimate, we encourage open communication to discuss any adjustments or modifications required. We want to ensure that all aspects of the delivery are understood and agreed upon.

Moving forward with the estimate, please contact Captain James Lowe via phone. He will provide you with the necessary information to facilitate the deposit payment for the delivery. Once the deposit is received, the estimate will transform into a contractual agreement, binding both parties and outlining the terms and conditions for the yacht delivery. At this stage, we have reached a mutual agreement, and
Captain James Lowe will proceed with the required arrangements to initiate the delivery process.

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