Captain James Lowe
USCG 200 Ton Licensed Master
(727) 236-1385

Boat Handling

Our Boat Handling Onboard Training: Comprehensive instruction tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned boater, our training will equip you with valuable skills and knowledge right on your own vessel. With Captain James Lowe as your trainer, you have the option of being signed off with an insurance company check rides certification as an optional extended form of training. This certification confirms your familiarity with installed systems and your proficiency in handling the vessel.

We provide personalized training and vessel orientation services directly onboard your own boat. Our experienced crew will travel to your homeport to conduct the training. We highly recommend that vessel owners join us during all or part of their yacht delivery, as it offers the ideal training scenario. This hands-on approach allows new owners to receive firsthand training and guidance, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their yacht and its operation.

  • Basic Navigation Skills: Learn essential navigation techniques, including understanding navigational aids (bouys), chart reading, and use of GPS systems and other onboard electronics .

  • Boat Handling and Maneuvering Techniques: Master various maneuvers for different scenarios, including docking, anchoring, and navigating in tight spaces. Learn effective fender usage and proper techniques for tying the vessel in different situations,

  • Safety Procedures: Receive instruction on crucial safety protocols, emergency procedures, proper usage of safety equipment, and adherence to waterway regulations.

  • Rules and Regulations: Gain a basic understanding of boating laws, for more comprehensive understanding of the Rules of the road consider taking a captains course.

  • Vessel Systems Orientation: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your boat's intricate systems, including fuel tanks and filling, the electrical panel, generator, switching between shore power and generator (bus bar), engines, gear, sea cocks and strainer, proper fluid levels, and plumbing components like sewage pump out. Acquire the essential knowledge and skills to operate and maintain these components.

  • Weather and Environmental Awareness: (PICK YOUR DAYS!) Acquire valuable insights into weather patterns and their impact on boating, enabling you to interpret weather forecasts and make informed decisions a day on the water is not always better.

  • Communication and Navigation Equipment: Become proficient in operating essential communication devices, such as VHF marine radios, and learn how to effectively use navigation tools like compasses and radar systems.

Your training crew, consisting of Captain James Lowe and his experienced deckhand, recognizes the importance of having two crew members during training sessions. This setup allows the trainee to remain at the wheel alongside Captain James Lowe, providing them with hands-on instruction and guidance specifically during docking and undocking procedures.

The Captains deckhand will be responsible for assisting with line handling and other necessary tasks to ensure a safe and effective learning environment. Furthermore, having two crew members enables the opportunity for a second training scenario, where Captain James Lowe's deckhand can also train the boat's "First Mate" on their role in docking and undocking the vessel. This comprehensive approach ensures that both the trainee and the trainee's designated crew members acquire the necessary skills for successful and efficient maneuvering of the vessel.