Captain James Lowe
USCG 200 Ton Licensed Master
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Yacht Delivery | Move Boats | Hands-On-Training

Captain James Lowe's Yacht Delivery Service operates year-round and specializes in relocating all types of boats. We provide convenient yacht relocation delivery services to ports, marinas, or private docks of your choice, catering to sailboats, sailing yachts, motor yachts, powerboats, cruisers, trawlers, sportfishermen, and commercial vessels. Navigating boats across the water, harnessing the yacht's own propulsion, under the direction of a seasoned captain and delivery crew. Our Sea Captain service encompass both local and long-distance routes along the United States' Atlantic East and Gulf Coasts, U.S. rivers, Florida, the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Canada

With my experience as a Captain and a history of successful boat delivery, which you can review in my summary of deliveries. I tackle each yachts delivery logistics with thorough attention and manage every aspect with the highest level of care and accuracy.

Captain James Lowe Services Includes:

Yacht Delivery: Yacht delivery repositioning of sailing or power yachts between destinations moving boats over water,
utilizing the vessels' own hulls and propulsion systems to desired destinations by captain, with or without owners onboard.

Boat Handling: Hands-On instruction on your own vessel, boat training in safety, navigation, anchoring, more!

BOAT HANDLING, involves the techniques and skills required to effectively and safely move boats. It includes controlling the direction of the boat, managing speed, navigating through waves and currents, docking and mooring, executing turns, adjusting trim and being prepared for emergencies. Proficiency in boat handling enables operators to maneuver and control boats in various conditions and situations, ensuring smooth and secure movement on the water. Sometimes it may be as simple as moving the boat from the slip to fuel dock.

In some situations, boat handling may require holding still not moving allowing for time to pass while traffic clears, maybe fuel dock is busy or an opening schedule for a bridge or lock and the boats needs to be stationary not moving. It's crucial to practice proper boat handling techniques for holding still, considering factors like wind, current, and other vessels.

YACHT DELIVERY, offering dedicated and efficient services for various types of Yachts, including Sailing Vessels and motor vessels. With extensive expertise and experience, Captain James Lowe and his experienced crew members are BEYOND CAPABLE of moving boats with or without owners on board. When embarking on a yacht delivery, we are fully aware of the distinct challenges and requirements of the journey. We recognize that these deliveries often entail spending multiple days away from our home base, residing on the boat for the duration of the voyage..

Your satisfaction and vessel's successful delivery are my primary concerns. With years of experience navigating the waters, I am well-versed in anticipating and overcoming the challenges that can arise during a delivery (and they do arise). I approach each obstacle with tenacity and resourcefulness, never giving up easily. My commitment to completing the job with unwavering dedication means that I will go above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome. Your vessel and your needs are my top priorities, and I will strive to deliver a flawless service, navigating through any issues that may come our way.

It is worth noting that a significant portion of our clientele consists of new boat buyers who are eager to relocate their recently purchased vessels to their desired home ports.
boat vessel delivery and relocation
Captain for hire:
Deliveries, Relocations, Sea trials and training:
If you are a dealer or broker and need a professional Captain to go on a sea trial with a potential buyer or need someone to show a new vessel owner the vessel's capabilities.  

Captain James Lowe offers vessel orientation and
hands-on-training & instruction for the new owners. As well as navigation chart plotting and general boat handling skills.

Relief Captain

Our Relief Captain service is perfect for owners who want an experienced professional to be onboard during their Owner Assisted passages. With Captain James Lowe at your service, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. He carefully listens to your expectations and ensures that you have a clear understanding of any possible limitations. Moreover, Captain James Lowe will work with you in detail through every planning phase.

Florida's Okeechobee Waterway OWW
Navigating Florida's extensive coastline presents its own unique set of challenges. As a Florida resident, Captain James Lowe possesses intimate familiarity with the entire 1300-mile coastline, encompassing the intricate Florida Keys, all navigable inlets, and the intricate network of intracoastal waterways. He holds specialized expertise in the Okeechobee Waterway, a canal route connecting Stuart on the Atlantic coast to Fort Myers on the Gulf coast. This comprehensive knowledge empowers him to skillfully guide vessels through these intricate waters. If you're looking to navigate this cross-Florida route, Captain James Lowe has you covered. He has extensive knowledge of this route and can assist you in moving your vessel through it or delivering it for you. This applies to locations between Cape Coral, FL, situated along the Gulf of Mexico, and Stuart, FL, located on the Atlantic Ocean's coast.

The Great Loop
The Great Loop is a 6000 mile continuous waterway in the eastern portion of the United States and parts of Canada that is made up of both natural and man-made waterways, If you are anywhere along the Great Loop Captain James Lowe and crew, can come to you and help you move your boat home

Yacht Delivery vs. Transport and Shipping.
YACHT DELIVERY is what we do! We only move boats over the water by Captain using the vessels own power!

Yacht delivery involves moving a yacht using its own power with the help of a delivery crew. This is typically done along coastlines, and inland rivers such as from one port to another or across a coastal regions.
Yacht transportation is different via truck involves the hauling of the yacht over the road using a trailer attached to a truck.
Yacht Shipping... You guessed it you simply put your boat on a bigger boat. You may still need a captain standing by to pilot your vessel onto the ships for loading area when called.

Captain James Lowe specializes in over water yacht delivery services, offering dependable and efficient relocation solutions for various types of vessels. When you choose us as your captain and crew, you can be assured of safe navigation as we expertly move your boat along coastlines, rivers, waterways, and canals. Whether you require a captain for sea trials, training sessions, or assistance with owner-involved passages, our services have you covered. Count on us to handle your boat delivery with utmost professionalism and expertise. If you're looking to have a boat delivered near you, we're here to help.

We also extend our support to boaters embarking on the challenging journey of crossing Florida's Big Bend in the Gulf of Mexico. Captain James Lowe, an experienced sailor, is readily available to assist boaters navigating this demanding voyage between Florida's northwest and west coasts.